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Phone: 971.322.9054
Licensed in OR

Martin became a loan officer because he honestly believes in homeownership and wants to help people and families achieve it. “I didn’t have my own bedroom until I was 13 years old,” he says. Today, he’s the proud owner of a three-story condo in Gresham, where he grew up. “Early on I knew I wanted to buy a home so I started building credit when I turned 18.”

And he has been go-getting ever since.

After studying business management at Portland State University, Martin worked in grocery retail (in less than a year he was managing 134 people). He taught himself how to golf, he snowboards Mt. Hood and loves to fish his way around the state (the Necanicum and Sandy Rivers, as well as Trillium Lake are favorites).

Martin and his girlfriend Lindsay adopted four cats named Salem, Casper, Pumpkin and Baby. “That’s the beauty of homeownership—you can have four cats!”

Martin habla español.